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Alfa Ebooks Manager is a program that allows to organize your electronic and paper books in a single e-Library. Download full-featured trial version. or Buy Now  ‎Download and Buy · ‎Blogs | Alfa Ebooks Manager · ‎Features · ‎FAQ. Alfa Ebooks Manager allows to organize your electronic and/or print books in a single Unlin now Alfa Ebooks Manager used Adobe Acrobat Pro to render PDF. Add AlfaReader ($). Pro. $ All Basic features; +; Edit Ebook Metadata · Ebook Converter · Batch Web Update · File Parser · File Manager · Database.


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Alfa Ebooks Manager alternatives

I own every book program known to man, I think. I like Alfa very much for my many ebooks includes books made by my Mastercook software Is there a limit to the number of ebooks, alfa ebooks manager pro, mags, pdf's, etc that can be brought into your program?

I've used your Import from Calibre feature. What happens if I add more ebooks to Calibre and need to therefore Import from Calibre again? Will it see just the newest additions?

Alfa Ebooks Manager Professional - Organization Software - 50%

Now it works like the MS Outlook sidebar: In the Authors pane you can now display authors without grouping - it looks very cool.

Besides, right in the Library Explorer you can view the number of books in each alfa ebooks manager pro, series, etcedit and delete items. The bonus is that the new Library Explorer works much faster.

The second important update is import from Google Library. You can select any book list in your Google Library and import all book data and covers to your AEM database.

For example, you can create a folder for each author or genre and put the appropriate books to them, MD5-check for detecting duplicates in alfa ebooks manager pro Scan and inside the databaseoptimized faster Wall View, Web Search Alfa Ebooks Manager 2.

Today they have launched the new version Alfa Ebooks Manager 2.

Book management software | Alfa Ebooks Manager

The new features include multiple genres per book, tags that can be assigned to bookscustom fields in the book card up to 5 text custom fieldsuniversal search, new Edit Books tool that alfa ebooks manager pro to edit almost any parameter in multiple books at once, including authors, tags, custom fields Besides, Alfa developers introduced the new pricing model.

Alfa ebooks manager pro now they provide Free version of Alfa Ebooks Manager. They say, the free version will be a good solution for book lovers, that want to create a beautiful e-Library of books that they have read or want to read.

NetSoft announced the release of the new ebook software version Alfa Ebooks Manager 1.


It's not so revolutionary as the previous one but includes a lot of small improvements, requested by our customers. Besides, with this update we start adding new design themes, so that the software could better fit your style.

The list of new features also includes multiple books selection using Shift like in GMailautomated book site plug-in update, duplicates control the new item in the sidebar treeimproved List View, improved Thumbnail View, improved Book card design, Web Update Options, book double-click options now you can select to open Book Alfa ebooks manager pro, Book File, 3D Bookimproved File Manager now it prevents duplicates and file overwritingexport books to CSV.

They have implemented a alfa ebooks manager pro of new features and dramatically improved the software performance.


Here are the main new features: But as this software is quite expensive and some users can't afford it, the alfa ebooks manager pro decided to provide another option - GhostScript.

It's a free interpreter for PDF files.

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Using Alfa eBooks Manager, you can create your own local OPDS Web Server and access search, browse, view, download your books from any computer or mobile device in your local alfa ebooks manager pro. I do not think this is a necessary function for most of the user. I think feature is must-be for real eBook lover.