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Issues in constructional approaches to grammaticalization. Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceeding › Chapter. Export citation; [ RIS ]. Are low-frequency complex prepositions grammaticalized? In accordance with its functionalist approach to language, grammaticalization theory places great. The examine of grammaticalization increases a couple of primary theoretical Read Online or Download Approaches to Grammaticalization.


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For historical corpus linguists, grammaticalization theory provides a frame of orientation in their effort to analyze and systematize a fast-accumulating mass of data. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Frequencies of items approaches to grammaticalization constructions in a language play a crucial role in grammaticalization G.

This book continues and develops the dialogue between approaches to grammaticalization two fields. The phonetic erosion may bring a brand-new look to the phonological system of a language, by changing the inventory of phones and phonemes, making new arrangements in the phonotactic patterns of a syllable, etc.

Humboldtputting Sino-Tibetan languages in a sharp contrast to the other languages in the approaches to grammaticalization in typology.


Obligatorification[ edit ] Obligatorification occurs when the use of linguistic structures becomes increasingly more obligatory in the process of grammaticalization.

Some linguists, like Heine and Kuteva, stress the fact that even though obligatorification can be seen as an important process, it is not necessary for grammaticalization to take place, and it also occurs in other types of language change.

In addition, most are not limited to grammaticalization but can be applied in the approaches to grammaticalization context of language approaches to grammaticalization.

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Critics of the theory of grammaticalization have used these difficulties to claim that grammaticalization has no independent status of its own, that all processes involved approaches to grammaticalization be described separately from the theory of grammaticalization. Janda, for example, wrote that "given that even writers on grammaticalization themselves freely acknowledge the involvement of several distinct processes in the larger set of phenomena, it is hard to approaches to grammaticalization the conclusion that the notion of grammaticalization, too, tends to represent an epiphenomenal telescoping.

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That is, it may involve certain typical "path way s", but the latter seem to be built out approaches to grammaticalization separate stepping-stones which can often be seen in isolation and whose approaches to grammaticalization outlines are always distinctly recognizable".

The process by which the word leaves its word class and enters another is not sudden, but occurs by a gradual series of individual shifts.


The overlapping stages of grammaticalization form a chain, generally called a cline. These shifts generally follow similar patterns in different languages. It is believed that the stages on the cline do not approaches to grammaticalization have a fixed position, but vary.

Approaches to Grammaticalization

However, Hopper and Traugott 's famous pattern for the cline of grammaticalization illustrates the various stages of approaches to grammaticalization form: In approaches to grammaticalization cline every item to the right represents a more grammatical and less lexical form than the one to its left.

English will[ edit ] It is very common for full verbs to become auxiliaries and eventually inflexional endings. This quantity comprises papers offered on the workshop.