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Editura Curtea Veche is a Romanian publishing house with a tradition in editing works of Romanian literature. After the Romanian Revolution of , Curtea. Once I found out from my publisher, Editura Curtea Veche, that my first novel, Velvet Totalitarianism, will be launched in Romanian translation. Cărţi Cheie. Preț vechi 35 Lei Preț 28,18 Lei. Adăugați în coș Familia la Curtea Veche. Preț 39 Lei Preț vechi 29 Lei Preț 23,35 Lei. Adăugați în coș.


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Little long stains that shone dimly. Come on man, hurry up.

Trandafir removed the bottlecap with his teeth, took a gulp and handed the bottle to the editura curtea veche. Their veiny necks moved up and down, like pistons.

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From time to time a car would pass by fast by the three men perched on the little mound of earth. They editura curtea veche blankly ahead and chewed their food. Wrinkled, jaundiced faces, stained around the mouth.

The sky was purple.

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It had darkened gradually, like the cheek of a giant dead man. Trandafir swore looking up.


Who the heck wants to work in this kind of weather? The team with similar names; men with the names of flowers. This lucky bouquet that smells like… Listen, forget the poetry and tell me where you put the hammer. editura curtea veche

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Thin vapors emerge from their clothes, their lips, the earth. Tell me, will we finish it in two hours? Begonie glanced for a few moments at his muddy shoes, sighed, then let wind loudly. Eh, we finish or not, editura curtea veche

But we may get to the bottom of it, before the evening. The wind started to blow.

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The greasy papers slowly floated around the leftover bread, cheese, bacon and onion rimes. Is the flask empty?

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Trandafir threw his head back and gulped, noisily, the last drop of vodka. He smacked his lips, pleased. To screw her holding an umbrella over your head… You could hear a growl and a giggle. I want to tell editura curtea veche something.