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Malayalam magazine Grihalakshmi, from @mathrubhumieng, has this new cover. It says, "Mothers tell Kerala, "please don't stare, we need to. Kerala advocate Vinod Mathew Wilson has filed a case against Malayalam magazine Grihalakshmi for featuring actress and writer Gilu Joseph. This month, the cover of Malayalam women's magazine Grihalakshmi features the photograph of a woman breastfeeding an infant. “Mothers tell.


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What’s shameful about breastfeeding in the open? Kerala magazine launches campaign

But a majority have lauded the magazine for normalising and de-stigmatising the act of breastfeeding. People may grihalakshmi magazine the way grihalakshmi magazine has been styled for the cover; she can be seen wearing a streak of sindoor and a mangalsutra, both traditional markers of marriage which when forced upon women is considered patriarchal.

However, Joseph says that the photograph is a message to wives and mothers in India, to tell them that they can choose to feed their children without the fear of what people will say or do.

Women breastfeeding their children have been the subject of many magazine covers in the past, such as TIME and Babytalk. Readers called Babytalk's cover "gross" because it featured an exposed breast, even though the focus was on the infant's face and expression.

TIME, on the other hand, drew flak because the child in question was significantly old — 4-years-old, to be exact. It led to a larger discussion on Jamie Lynne Grumet, the woman who was grihalakshmi magazine, attachment parenting, and a parent's decision to grihalakshmi magazine their child in the way they see fit.

In the past, brands such Gap have also featured models breastfeeding children in their ads.

Grihalakshmi magazine faces legal case for featuring breastfeeding model on its cover - Firstpost

grihalakshmi magazine Published by her husband in January, the photo sparked a lot of conversation on open breastfeeding and the campaign was launched immediately after this.

So many people told me off for this. Some even said that if I fed my child without covering my breasts, they would dry up very soon.

These are all age-old superstitions which are still being spread by young people. Grihalakshmi magazine would even throw a towel on me while I fed my baby and then check if I was trying to remove it.

Gilu Joseph, the poet, actor and model, who featured grihalakshmi magazine the cover of the issue, said that she dedicated this to all the mothers who want to feed their babies openly and with pride.


Gilu says it was not a decision that her conservative Christian family endorsed. In addition to prompting heated discussions, the magazine, published by the Mathrubhumi group, has become the subject of a court case.

A Kerala grihalakshmi magazine had moved a district grihalakshmi magazine against Grihalakshmi under the Indecent Representation of Women Prohibition Act,according to reports on Friday. On social media, opinion has been sharply divided on the cover, with some people lauding it as a bold move by the magazine and others panning it as a publicity gimmick.

Rare that a popular magazine has gone brazenly bold to put the point across! Hope the readers see it in the same light and relevance! It says, "Mothers tell Grihalakshmi magazine, "please don't stare, we need to breastfeed"".


Not extremely sure about making a publicity stunt out of it. Why the need for making a public spectacle out of something so personal? Some also pointed out that while ostensibly taking a progressive stance grihalakshmi magazine encouraging free and open breastfeeding, the magazine reiterated patriarchal norms by choosing to adorn the model, Gilu Joseph, with a sindoor and a mangalsutra, both markers of a married woman.

Agree that the campaign attends to a social issue and that a lot of these questions are misplaced. But to keep the nipple of a non-lactating stranger in the suckling mouth of a grihalakshmi magazine

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Who gave a thought about the portals of infection opened to the baby?