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Read this article to know about Lihaaf The Quilt summary by Ismat Chughtai. Lihaf is an Urdu short story that made Ismat Chughtai popular for its controversies. The The Quilt Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, The Quilt study guide contains a biography of Ismat Chughtai, literature. writing to making her a famous and immensely popular literary heroine very early on in life. —Editor. Lihaaf [The Quilt]. Ismat Chughtai. Translated from Urdu by.


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A small bed was placed alongside hers. Rabbu was still rubbing her back as I fell asleep. I woke up at night and was scared.

(Paper-2) 20th Century Indian Writing

The elephant stopped shaking and the quilt came down. Get back to sleep. Recite the Ayatul kursi.


I forgot the lines though I knew lihaf ismat chughtai entire ayat by heart. Then I heard two people whispering. Oh God, who was this other person? I was really afraid. I drew the quilt over my face and fell asleep.

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By morning I had totally forgotten the terrifying scene enacted at night. I have always been superstitious — night fears, sleep- walking and sleep-talking were daily occurrences in my childhood. Everyone used to lihaf ismat chughtai that I was possessed by evil spirits. So the incident slipped from my memory.

The quilt looked perfectly lihaf ismat chughtai in the morning. But the following night I woke up again and heard Begum Jaan and Rabbu arguing in a subdued tone.

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I could not hear lihaf ismat chughtai they were saying and what was the upshot of the tiff but I heard Rabbu crying.

Then came the slurping sound of a cat licking a plate I was scared and got back to sleep. The next day Rabbu went to see her son, an irascible young man. Begum Jaan had done a lot to help him out — bought him a shop, got him a job in the village.

But nothing lihaf ismat chughtai pleased him. He stayed lihaf ismat chughtai Nawab Saheb for some time, who got him new clothes and other gifts; but he ran away for no good reason and never came back, even to see Rabbu Begum Jaan was reluctant to let her go but realised that Rabbu was helpless.

She began to peer at me.

Rabbu was due to return the next day Begum Jaan grew more and lihaf ismat chughtai irritable. She drank cup after cup of tea and her head began to ache.

I again began rubbing her back which was smooth as the top of a table.

The Short Stories: Contents

I rubbed gently and was happy to be of some use to her. But she wanted me to stroke it.

How proud I felt! I chatted away as I continued to massage her.