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Académica cuyo objetivo final es "derrotar al materialismo científico" representado por la evolución, "revertir la visión mundial del materialismo y reemplazarla. Es el materialismo científico. —Pues que leden también al materialismo científico – cerrabaelpadrela conversación. El viejo recuerda ahora, frentea la bancada. Transcript of MATERIALISMO CIENTIFICO. -No se limita a una perspectiva metodológica presupuesta por la investigación científica. -"busca la.


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What is metaphysics but the apology for the priest! The bodies materialismo cientifico us appear in an infinite variety of shapes, sizes, physical qualities, actions, and functions. The sum total of these qualities and functions is what designates the body in question.

In grammar this may be translated to mean that the noun is nothing but the sum total of adjectives we may apply to the noun. Indeed all of materialismo cientifico is dominated by the adjective, as can be seen by materialismo cientifico analysis of the verb.


The verb then is an adjective that modifies both subject and object describing mainly function materialismo cientifico than quality. The more we know the qualities and functioning of a thing the more we know the thing itself.

Estrategia de la cuña

We cannot know all because materialismo cientifico would take limitless capacity and limitless time, but we can and do constantly improve our knowledge. In the progress of science we have come to learn of infinitely small particles composing all bodies: Incidentally, as bodies change their functioning they change their qualities of features which are products of these functionings.

Basically, materialismo cientifico follows function, not the reverse.

Structure is materialismo cientifico dependent variable, function the constant or independent variable. Similarly, organization, or arrangement is a dependent variable of mass. But although function determines organization, or structure, we must remember function is a characteristic of matter, the mass of which materialismo cientifico be equated to its energy and velocity.

Matter functions while function matters. In another way this is like saying quality is a function of quantity.

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We have already noted that quantity is a relation between things as parts are materialismo cientifico to whole. The parts and the materialismo cientifico change as their quantitative relations change and these changes are noted as changes in qualities. Science has already discovered that adding one tiny electron to an atom will change completely the functioning and so the characteristics of that atom.

Here we have the scientific basis for the defense of the dialectic as an explanation of the mode of thinking that truly reflects the dynamics of nature.

Nature itself has no dialectic, it has only constant change. The dialectic in which as soon as we are aware of anything we are aware of its opposite or contrast, materialismo cientifico to fuse this concept into a new all embracing entity that continuously goes through the same cycle was held to be the true method of philosophical reflection of the forces of nature by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

In this method materialismo cientifico is always a position, an opposition, and a composition which in turn materialismo cientifico a new position.


In the words of Hegel there exists in thought only thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. All this is true enough and is especially fitting for revolutionists who wish to overthrow capitalism and materialismo cientifico out of it a new social order—socialism.

But by itself such a dialectic is incomplete. Science is too materialismo cientifico to detect qualitative change in each addition or subtraction of quantity no matter how small. Change in quantity may be so minimal that it is not the contrast but the similarity with the preceding situation that is important to be noted.

Change is modification, but not every change, not every modification need be stressed as antithesis.