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In order to properly understand this diagram, it is best to go through the vapor compression cycle on a P-H diagram. Understanding the P-H Diagram On the P-H diagram, pressure is indicated on the y-axis and enthalpy is indicated on the x-axis.

mollier diagram 134a

T S Diagram Ra - DIY Enthusiasts Wiring Diagrams •

The upside down U figure shown on the diagram designates the points mollier diagram 134a which the refrigerant changes phase. The left vertical curve indicates the saturated liquid curve and the right vertical curve indicates the saturated vapor curve.

The region in between the two curves describe refrigerant states that contain a mixture of both liquid and vapor.

The locations to the left of the saturated liquid curve indicate that the refrigerant is in mollier diagram 134a form and locations to the right of the saturated vapor curve indicate that the refrigerant is in vapor form.

Mollier diagram 134a point at which the two curves meet is called the critical point. The importance of this point is that at any point above, no additional pressure will change the vapor into a liquid.


A simplified pressure-enthalpy diagram is shown below, describing this information. The curves break up the diagram into three regions 1 Liquid, 2 Vapor and 3 Mix.

The liquid region is also known as the sub-cooled region. In this region there are vertical temperature lines, which increase as enthalpy is increased. Figure 8 is a simplified P-H diagram mollier diagram 134a the constant temperature lines.

Pressure Enthalpy Diagram

The vapor region is also known as the super heated region. Refer to Figure 8. There are also lines of constant entropy, which are also important. Entropy is the measure of the amount of disorder in the system. In this region, the P-H diagram shows horizontal temperature lines, which indicate constant temperature.

The mix region is the phase change region, where any addition of enthalpy will cause additional liquid to vaporize instead mollier diagram 134a raising mollier diagram 134a temperature.

Thermodynamic Properties of Ra (updated 10/9/)

Figure 8 illustrates the horizontal temperature lines in the mix region. There are also upward sloping curves which indicate quality. Quality is a measure of the ratio of vapor mass to total mass.

For example quality of 0. The previous figure, Figure 7, indicates the quality lines. The x-y axes of the P-H diagram are the pressure lines running from left to right. The enthalpy lines mollier diagram 134a the vertical lines.

The skeletal graph shown below shows the pressure-enthalpy lines. Refrigeration Cycle One of the most important skills needed for the professional engineer in the HVAC and Refrigeration field is navigating the refrigeration cycle on a pressure-enthalpy diagram.

The following sections will show each specific part of the refrigeration cycle on the pressure-enthalpy diagram and mollier diagram 134a will also highlight the important points and calculations needed.

Solved: Refrigeranta (Mollier Diagram Given In Fig |

Throughout this explanation the refrigerant Ra is used as an example. It is recommended that the engineer get a copy of the P-H diagram for Ra and the other common refrigerants. The operating pressure and mollier diagram 134a of the evaporator is called the suction pressure and suction temperature.

The suction line is the piping that routes refrigerant gas from the evaporator to the compressor.


It is important to note that in the mix region, the pressure and temperature are dependent variables. For example, if a compressor operates at a suction pressure of