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Naaladiyar Apr 19th. naalasiyar naalasiyar Apr 14th. naaladiyar naaladiyar Apr 14th. naalaadiyar The Naladiyar is one of the few original works we have in Tamil. It contains altogether forty chapters, of ten stanzas each, on moral subjects. The origin of the. This is poem no from Naaladiyar (நாலடியார்), literally verse in 4 lines. It is an antholofy of four hundred poems of wisdom.


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The excellent will not be hot and angry when their inferiors oppose them and utter bad words.

Naaladiyar in tamil base, turning it over in their minds will speak of it and chafe in the hearing of everybody in the place, and jump with rage and knock their heads against a post. The self-control exhibited by youth is self-control indeed. Liberality manifested by one p.

The patience shown by one who has the power naaladiyar in tamil ability to oppress others is patience indeed.

They who are noble will, in the sight of all men, take patiently and regret the evil words that issue from the mouth of the vulgar like stones that are thrown, being influenced by the consideration naaladiyar in tamil their high birth, as the cobra quickly closes its hood when ashes are thrown upon it.

To be unresisting to those who would oppose them as enemies, the wise call not imbecility. When others naaladiyar in tamil impatiently opposed them and done them evil, it is good if they do not evil in return.

Naaladiyar ( நாலடியார் )

The wrath of the vulgar will continue to spread though it run on a long time; the anger of the excellent in disposition will cool of itself, like the heat of boiling water. Having done them a kindness they mind it not; do them never so much unkindness they will do naaladiyar in tamil is kind; but to do unjustly, even through inadvertence, is not proper for those who are born in a high family.

There are none here who, though they see a dog snap angrily at them, will in return snap at the dog again with their mouth.

When baseborn persons naaladiyar in tamil utter base things, will the noble repeat such words with their mouths in return?

Good lord of the cool hills festooned with springs! If a fool speak, he will speak only to injure you.


naaladiyar in tamil To slip away from him, and to avoid him by any means in your power, is good. When inferiors speak improper words, the patient hearing these words is patience indeed. The earth, surrounded with swelling waves, will not regard impatient behaviour as praiseworthy, but baseness only.

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Will the hard words uttered naaladiyar in tamil reproof by friends be more evil than the sweet words of strangers speaking with joy, O lord of the cool shore of the mighty ocean, where the beautiful winged insects turn over all the flowers, if they get men who understand the consequence p.

Naaladiyar in tamil what ought to be known, and submitting thereunto, fearing what ought to be feared, performing every duty so as to satisfy the world, and living in the enjoyment of pleasure according to their naaladiyar in tamil they who are thus disposed never experienoe the evils of life.

When two persons are friends, mixing without variance, should there be misconduct on the part of one, let the other be patient, as far as he can bear it.


If he cannot take it patiently, let him not speak evil, but withdraw to a distance. Though another do one evil, if he say, Well, let it pass, and blame himself, naaladiyar in tamil is good: To give up intimate associates, O lord of the forests! O king of the fair hills abounding with hollow-sounding streams!

Will friends be wanting to naaladiyar in tamil who do what is good?

Naladiyar onbooks, நாலடியார், tamil neethi nool, pathinenkilkanakku noolgal |

Those who are gifted with patience, and who are not so rash as to destroy themselves though withered and famished with hunger, will not declare their misery to those who love them not. They will make it known only to those who have the power to help them.

Let pleasure alone, when thou canst enjoy it, if disgrace attends it, O Lord of the hill country abounding in waters! Although he himself be ruined, let not a man think of injuring the worthy; let him not eat with whom he should not eat, even though the flesh of his body waste away; let him not speak words intermingled with falsehood, although he get the whole world canopied by the heavens for his reward.

Let not the modest man covet another's wife, since the fear attending that sin is great, the pleasure is of short duration, and if you daily reflect, it renders one liable to the punishment of death by the king, and it is a sin that daily leads men to naaladiyar in tamil.

To those who covet their neighbours' wives these four things,--virtue, praise, friendship, and dignity,--will not accrue. To those who covet their neighbours' wives these four things,--hatred, vengeance, and sin accompanied with fear,--will accrue. What benefit arises from the shamelessly desiring one's neighbour's wife?

Since in the going to her there is fear, in going naaladiyar in tamil there is fear, in the enjoyment itself there is fear, in case the sin be not known there is fear,--it is always productive of fear.