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Free Essay: Of Nightingales That Weep Chapter 1 This chapter is about Takiko and her first family home. It tells a lot about her family. They talk about the. The courage of all the exiles is tested in several momentous sea battles. In this dramatic setting Takiko must face the painful conflict between loyalty and her secret love for Hideo. The climax of the war and the resolution of Takiko's own personal dilemma are unforgettably described. Of Nightingales That Weep. The daughter of a samurai never weeps. But Takiko, whose warrior father was killed in battle, finds this a hard rule, especially when her mother remarries a strange and ugly country potter. To get away from her miserable home, Takiko eagerly accepts a position at the imperial Japanese court.


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Of Nightingales That Weep

He is a warrior under the command of a samurai taking over the capital. The two lead a forbidden romance.


Takiko was distraught by this news. She was always very close with her father and loved him very much.

She is then forced to move in with her stepfather whom she is not very fond of. She cuts her self out from the world for a couple of weeks because she has been very unhappy and gloomy.


As time passes by her stepfather starts teaching her pottery, new languages and many other unique tasks that not every girl knew at the time.

She once again is content with her life.

Of Nightingales That Weep • Katherine Paterson

Her baby brother is born. Of nightingales that weep brings much happiness to their family. A merchant who had very high connections suggested that Takiko should be sent to the Capital.

On her second day Takiko is ordered to go and sing for the Emperor and go to the temple to pray.

Plot line/Major Characters | Of Nightingales That Weep By: Katherin Paterson

Many maids envy her voice when she goes and sings for the Emperor. Later at night she goes to the temple to pray and there she meets Hideo.

The emperor and his mother were very pleased with Takiko and her singing. She leaves her mistress and moves in with the Emperor.

There she sings for him everyday and serves with his needs. Everyone in the Imperial palace is forced to run away for the safety of the Emperor.

The main character was extremely unrelatable, as she appears to be of nightingales that weep perfect, all the while she is severely stubborn and ungrateful. I receive the impression that the author tried to force the reader into of nightingales that weep Takiko their favorite character by making her appear as the ideal daughter.

: Of Nightingales That Weep : Katherine Paterson, Haru Wells: Books

The sudden shift of Takiko's personality near the latter portion of the of nightingales that weep as to convey the fact that I extremely disliked this book, and I feel that the plot could have been portrayed in a much better way.

The sudden shift of Takiko's personality near the latter portion of the book as to convey the fact that she is a "perfect" child causes her to appear stubborn in a negative respectinconsiderate, and, ultimately, unreal.


Aside from Takiko's irrational of nightingales that weep, the author's style is too straightforward and bland for a story with an adventurous plot. Paterson wrote sentences that were too simple and short. It is understandable that short sentences can be utilized in a writing piece to foreshadow or interest the reader.

However, Paterson uses short sentences in such a manner that they do not flow or capture my interest.