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Pentax K-5 Pentax K-3 Pentax smc DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited Pentax smc FA 50mm F Pentax smc DA mm F4 ED AL +11 more. Side view of the Pentax K-7, showing the RAW button and interface ports. AE and manual exposure control plus priorities for aperture (Av), shutter speed (Tv). Alguém possui este manual e poderia me ceder? Last edited by Adam; at AM. Reason: email.K7 stuck in manual. -


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AE lock, EV compensation, auto bracket, multiple exposure, and flash compensation cannot be set in Green mode. Called Hyper-program, Pentax K-7 selects shutter speed and aperture, while you control all other exposure variables. You can use the front and rear e-dial to shift exposure, controlling the shutter speed specifically with the front e-dial, and aperture with the rear, or press the Green button on the top deck to return to the Program mode's default choice.

The Pentax K-7 also allows you to select, via a custom menu, the program line the camera uses, which pentax k7 manual the camera to prioritize for higher shutter speeds, shallow or deep depth-of-field, MTF best aperture setting for image qualityor use the default, normal program line.

Sensitivity Priority mode Sv: In this unique mode you set the ISO by pressing the shutter button halfway, then turning the Rear e-dial. Beautiful movie clips can recorded at different sizes — x pixels, x pixels, or x pixels The K-7 is also equipped with an Pentax k7 manual terminal and an external microphone input terminal for high quality sound to match your videos.

The wide-view design allows the photographer to pentax k7 manual the monitor image from approximately degrees both vertically and horizontally, facilitating low and high-angle shooting using the Live View function.

High-speed continuous shooting at approx. New segment multi-pattern metering Newly-developed for the K-7, a sophisticated segment multi-pattern metering system greatly improves light-metering accuracy.

Pentax K-7 Review - Modes & Menus

A newly developed diaphragm-control mechanism allows the Live View function be used during Continuous Shooting mode with the mirror at lock-up position. Optical viewfinder provides percent field pentax k7 manual view The K-7 glass prism finder offers percent field of view and an approximately 0. By adding the light source type to its data range, and driven by a greatly improved algorithm, PENTAX improved the AF system assuring reliable, responsive autofocus operation superior in speed and accuracy to the previous system.

Pentax k7 manual K-7 also incorporates an AF-assist spotbeam projector in its built-in flash unit to improve autofocusing accuracy in the dark.

Pentax K-7 Review

Some functions may not be available with certain lenses. New DR II mechanism to minimize dust spots The K-7 is equipped with a newly developed Dust Removal DR II mechanism to more effectively remove dust and minimize spots on recorded images even after pentax k7 manual lenses in dust-prone outdoor settings.


Using a piezo-ceramic vibration action, the system shifts or vibrates the low-pass filter located pentax k7 manual front of the CMOS image sensor at supersonic speed to remove dust more efficiently.

A unique dust-alert system also allows users to check for dust adhering to the low-pass filter prior to actual shooting. It's a pentax k7 manual that most of these features are accessed by an outdated user interface that looks like it came off a Pentax Optio point-and-shoot from the late s.

Still, I'd rather have a great camera and an ugly menu system than the opposite. The K-7 is a very capable performer.

Downloads: Operation Manuals

It may start with a bit of a whine presumably due to the pentax k7 manual reduction cycle runningbut it's pentax k7 manual to go right away. When shooting with the viewfinder, the camera focuses very quickly, at both the wide and telephoto ends of the lenses at least those that I used.

Low light focus times generally stayed at one second or less. If you're using live view with contrast detect AF, the news isn't as good. The camera can take one, two, or even three seconds to lock focus -- and that's in normal lighting.

Pentax K-7 Camcorder User Manual

For better results, use phase difference AF -- you'll lose the live view for a moment and there's a bit of lag involved, but it's much faster. The shot-to-shot delays on the K-7 are minimal, as you'd expect. While not best in class, battery life was still excellent, and you can do even better with the optional battery grip which can use AAs, by the way.

Photo quality is very good on the K-7, though you may need to tweak a few things to get to that point. Several of the Pentax K-7's control pentax k7 manual perform multiple functions, which saves space and time. The e-dials for example, control a variety of settings when turned in combination with a press of a button, and the pentax k7 manual keys of pentax k7 manual Four-way arrow pad access shortcuts to common camera settings as well.