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Anita Blake, Tome 1: Plaisirs coupables on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. While creating, "Plaisirs Coupables," Amelie du Petit Thouars faced death when her mother died of cancer and during the Paris terror attacks. Album · · 15 Songs. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Try it free.


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It had a mixed effect on my work: I'm only now starting to have new ideas for drawings again. It's like the creative part of my brain had been shut down for a while, I plaisirs coupables saw a wall or a blank page. I'm a graphic designer by trade and going back to work after this was very difficult.

plaisirs coupables

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We had lost our "juice" and were only able to accomplish repetitive tasks. After a while, it came plaisirs coupables but it's been tougher to create new drawings.

As for how I see the world, I feel like it's even plaisirs coupables absurd than ever and random, but I still want to create stuff and get it out there! I am fascinated plaisirs coupables the symbols that men have created to explain the universe or by the magical power they have given to them to protect themselves.

I love reading about how these symbols were created and how they've managed to exist throughout the ages and how you can find them in different civilizations.


They give you a key to understanding the history of humanity in a magical way. I used to have a dictionary of greek myths when I was a kid and would read it over and over again. Now I'm obsessed with alchemy.

It's incredible because it's connected to so many things: I love plaisirs coupables and playing with these symbols plaisirs coupables create something magical and almost mysterious.

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What is your process for composing a particular plaisirs coupables piece? Are you regularly thinking about these themes? I always start with an image or a dream that comes to my mind. It comes up and I play with it. It's very hazy, I can't quite explain it.


Usually, it comes quite quickly. If I have to sketch too much I find that it won't end plaisirs coupables working.


What is the significance of the head area being splayed out? It sounds gruesome but this piece is directly inspired by old anatomical drawings given to medical students. The one I used is, if Plaisirs coupables not mistaken, of the nervous system. So what it represents is plaisirs coupables entire nervous system spread out, it's an educational tool.