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Some type. Endodontic treatment options include total pulpectomy or partial vital pulpotomy. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, indications and. Difference between pulpotomy and pulpectomy. 8. PULPECTOMY  A pulpectomy is a dental procedure in which all of the material in the pulp chamber and root canal of a tooth is removed. Pulpectomy. Pulpectomy is a form of root canal therapy recommended when the infection has traveled throughout the pulpal area and into a tooth's root canal system. The procedure requires the removal of all tissue within the pulpal area, as well as in the root canals.


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Once a baby tooth is infected with bacteria, the only way to remove it is by removing the decay that is infecting the pulp nerves and blood supply pulpotomy and pulpectomy the tooth. In baby teeth, if we catch the disease early enough we can do a fairly quick procedure to save the tooth, and only some of the pulp has to be removed the top part.

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Pulpotomies and pulpectomies are very similar. The difference is a pulpotomy procedure involves removing the pulpal tissue only in the pulpotomy and pulpectomy of the pulpotomy and pulpectomy.

In a pulpectomy, the tissue is removed in both the crown and the root of the tooth. Both procedures provide the benefit of sparing tooth loss when tooth preservation is desired.

Both procedures are preformed painlessly with the help of local anesthetics.

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If there is radiolucency around the tooth on the x-ray, however, we know the tooth pulpotomy and pulpectomy need to be extracted or have a pulpectomy. How Is A Pulpotomy Performed?

The dentist will remove all the infected material in the pulp of the crown only, pulpotomy and pulpectomy the living tooth root intact. After a pulpotomy on pulpotomy and pulpectomy baby molar, the empty space will be filled with dental cement and a stainless steel crown will be placed to restore the tooth.

Pulpectomy If the infection involves tissue in both the tooth crown and the tooth root, a pulpectomy may be the best option.


The pulpotomy group with good clinical manifestations underwent spontaneous pain in four molars during follow-up, and five molars gradually underwent pain and gingival redness and swelling. The pulpectomy group suffered from occlusion discomfort in nine molars and gingival fistula in seven pulpotomy and pulpectomy during follow-up.

The postoperative outcomes of pulpotomy pulpotomy and pulpectomy superior to those of pulpectomy.


Impaction pain and deep caries with largely damaged dental crown are commonly found upon first visit. However, due to drug characteristics and the infection degree of teeth, pulpotomy and pulpectomy complications such as pulpitis, periapical inflammation and internal root canal absorption often occur.

The aim of this study was to assess the effects of pulpotomy and pulpectomy on deeply carious deciduous molars, and to observe the incidence of complications pulpotomy and pulpectomy clinical and X-ray examinations.


The findings provide a valuable basis for the improvement of clinical treatment. This study has been approved by the ethics committee of our hospital.


Before treatment, parents of the children were informed of the treatment process, possible risks, complications and necessity for dental pulp treatment. The parents have signed informed consent.

Inclusion criteria Healthy children aged years old who could receive dental treatment under general anesthesia; deciduous molars with deep caries or those close to the site of removed pulp detritus; clinical and imaging examinations revealed deeply carious deciduous molars without pulpal degeneration without spontaneous pain history, palpation pain, percussion pain, swelling, fistula, pathological movement or alveolar bone destruction pulpotomy and pulpectomy the root tip ; available for prefabricated metal crown PMC repair after treatment.

pulpotomy and pulpectomy

Exclusion criteria Children with hereditary short tooth, root or early absorption of root, with drug allergy during treatment with poor compliance e. A pulpectomy requires the total removal of the nerve. In permanent teeth this is referred pulpotomy and pulpectomy as Root Canal Therapy.