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The soldiers had been entrenched in their positions for several weeks, but there was little, if any, fighting, except for the dozen rounds they ritually exchanged. Listen to Sadat Hasan Manto's fascinating tale that shows the impact India-Pakistan Partition had on more. The video available is only a part of the play for copyright issues. The play was presented by Wing's Cultural.


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The dog of Manto

Danish had written the play for the Urdu Drama Festival last year. Tetwal ka kutta writer has used the dog of Tetwalkilled in the cross fire between Indian and Pakistani troops, as a metaphor for Manto.


It is a plot with multiple layers of opinion on the human condition created by Partition. Explaining the plot, Danish says that the play starts when Manto is referred to a psychiatrist by the court. The psychiatrist happens to have read all his works. They ultimately fight over suspecting a dog to be a spy.

But the soldiers, who dare not disobey their generals, are only too aware that the war is futile. The wisdom of children, which we often take for granted, is usefully employed in the play. When asked how they would tetwal ka kutta the conflict, caring nothing tetwal ka kutta differences, they say that we would shake hands.

Abhishek and Ashwini re-examine history and essentially question what if the Partition had not occurred. The answer, at least to the audience, is simple. With or without the Partition, the question of identity would have remained just as complex. In another scene, adults from the audience are called up on stage and asked questions by the children.

The dog of Manto - Delhi - The Hindu

He was wagging his tail. Everybody burst out laughing.


The dog went to Harnam Singh who produced a cracker from his kitbag tetwal ka kutta threw it on tetwal ka kutta ground. The dog sniffed at it and was about to eat it, when Harnam Singh snatched it away. Wait, you could be a Pakistani dog. All dogs can wag their tails,' Harnam Singh said.

Harnam Singh threw the dog a cracker which he caught in midair. Harnam Singh produced another cracker from his kitbag. Here, Jhun Jhun, have another cracker.

It spread across the hills and valleys of Titwal, which is what the area was called. The war had been going on for months, but nobody could be quite sure who tetwal ka kutta winning it. Jamadar Harnam Singh surveyed the area with his tetwal ka kutta. He could see smoke rising from the opposite hill, which meant that, like them, the enemy was busy preparing breakfast.

Tetwal Ka Kutta Manto's Short Story at Jashn-e-Rekhta - Video Dailymotion

Subedar Himmat Khan of the Pakistan army gave his huge moustache a twirl and began to study the map of the Titwal sector. Next to him sat his wireless operator who tetwal ka kutta trying to establish contact tetwal ka kutta the platoon commander to obtain instructions.

A few feet away, the soldier Bashir sat on the ground, his back against a rock and his rifle in front of him.