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Assignment On Types of Retail Marketing. Subject: Marketing. Submitted To: Jadhav. Submitted By: l S. Ghag. Roll No (A). Major Types of Retailers (General Merchandise Retailers) study guide by josh_ballard includes 9 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet. Types of Retail Outlets. Department Stores. A department store is a set-up which offers wide range of products to the end-users under one roof. Discount Stores. Supermarket. Warehouse Stores. Mom and Pop Store (also called Kirana Store in India) Speciality Stores. Malls. E Tailers.


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They also add value by offering accessories and additional related products at the same outlet.

Which Types Of Retailers Are Opening New Stores? | Seeking Alpha

E-tailer — This type of retailer enables customers to shop on-line via the internet and buy products which are then delivered. This type of retailer is highly convenient and is able to types of retailers a wider geographic customer base.

E-tailers often types of retailers lower rent and overheads so offer very competitive pricing. Retailing Retailers Are Classified By: Specialty stores Narrow product lines with deep assortments Department stores Wide variety of product lines Supermarkets Convenience stores Limited line Superstores Food, nonfood, and services Amount of service Product lines Relative prices Organizational approach 10 11 Retailing: Specialty stores carry a narrow product line with a deep assortment within that line.


Examples include stores selling sporting goods, books, furniture, electronics, flowers, or toys. Today, specialty stores are flourishing, due to the increasing use of market segmentation, market types of retailers, and product specialization.

Chapter Types of Retailers | Retailing Management

The depth of a product assortment refers to the number of different versions of each product that are offered for sale. The breadth of types of retailers assortment refers to the number types of retailers different products that the store carries Loft shoeChandana Saree shop 11 12 Retailing: Formats A department store carries a wide variety of product lines.

Each line is operated as a separate department managed by specialist buyers and merchandisers. Supermarkets are large, low-cost, low-margin, high-volume, self-service stores that carry a wide variety of food, laundry, and household products.

Formats Convenience stores are small stores that carry a limited line of high-turnover convenience goods. These stores located near residential areas and remain open long hours, seven days a types of retailers.

Convenience stores must charge high prices to make up for higher operating costs and lower sales volume, but they satisfy an important consumer need.


Consumers use convenience stores for "fill-in" purchases at off hours or when time is short, and they are willing to pay for the convenience. Speciality stores sell only selective items of types of retailers particular brand to the consumers and primarily types of retailers on high customer satisfaction.

Example -You will find only Reebok merchandise at Reebok store and nothing else, thus making it a speciality store.

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You can never find Adidas shoes at a Reebok outlet. But the good news is that while many retail sectors are shrinking their brick-and-mortar presence, others are types of retailers.


There should be plenty of good candidates to fill these newly-vacant spaces, and not just in cosmetics. Which Retail Sectors Are Expanding?

Types of Retailers. - ppt download

Coffee shops are one of the fastest-growing retail sectorswith types of retailers of espresso-based beverages nearly tripling since SBUXwith Domestically, the company is now focusing on underserved types of retailers areas to gain more customers, meaning the chain might start renting some of the smaller retail spaces landlords have a harder time filling.

Independent coffee chains are also growing. San Francisco-based Blue Bottle, which has expanded to New York and Tokyo since opening inrecently announced plans to open new locations in Boston.