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Song: Under The Sea - The Little Mermaid Soundtrack Written By: Alan Menken Performed By: Samuel E. Wright Tabbed By: gabe0x02 NOTE: Playing the Am. "Under The Sea" by Misc Cartoons Ukulele Tabs on UkuTabs. Not only does she have a clear and concise way of explaining chords and .. "Under The Sea" from Little Mermaid - Ukulele tutorial by Ukulele Mike Lynch. Info.


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The channel basically teaches you not only how to play under the sea ukulele chords existing song, but also how to play your own original song by teaching you techniques and exercises performed by ukulele professionals.

Cynthia Lin Skill level: Intermediate Cynthia Lin is an independent jazz ukulele musician on YouTube. Her channel is a hodge podge of go-to YouTuber content like vlogs and original music, but she manages to sneak in ukulele tutorials every now and then.

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The songs she provides tutorials on are usually fun and complex, requiring players to at least have a solid foundation on chord changes, strumming, and fingerpicking. Ukulele Underground Skill level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate Ukulele Underground is a one-stop hang out for ukulele lessons.

Their pop song tutorials are straightforward and not under the sea ukulele chords down so one would have to have a strong grasp on their chords and chord switching.

Top 9 Ukulele Tutorial YouTube Channels

Their Webcam Sessions series cover almost everything from beginner lessons reading tabs and handling a ukulele correctly to playing scales and blues solos. The channel also provides jamming sessions that intermediate players can watch and play along.


The only thing one can pick from this channel is that their videos can be lengthy, most of them exceeding ten minutes. Ukulele Mike Skill level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate Ukulele Mike is your friendly ukulele grandpa on YouTube who teaches you how to play classic go-to ukulele tunes.

His song selections are simple and familiar but one has to have a good foundation of playing chords and under the sea ukulele chords tabs to follow his tutorials. His videos vary from playing Disney songs to Beatles hits to popular classical music pieces to blues improvisations and scale exercises.

His videos are warm and straightforward with varying backdrops to show the viewers that you can under the sea ukulele chords the ukulele anywhere.

Ukulele Cheats Skill level: Beginner to Advanced Beginner Ukulele Cheats is perfect for music savvy players who want to learn edgier modern rock and alternative anthems.

Under The Sea Ukulele chords - Samuel e Wright | AmChords

Vasco, the creator of Ukulele Cheats, has an eclectic song selection that is reminiscent of a road trip mixtape with artists like Oasis, Fugees, Pixies, 2Pac, and Nirvana — basically a music paradise for 90s kids.

Ukulele Cheats also offers beginner lessons categorized into different playlists which are suitable for beginners. This is for the standard GCEA ukulele tuning. For other methods on how under the sea ukulele chords tune your ukulele go to our How to Tune the Ukulele page.

If you want to use alternate ukulele tunings, check out our Adjustable Online Ukulele Tuner and read our article on Alternate Ukulele Tunings.

Under The Sea ~ Ukulele Tabs Chords sheet music for Guitar download free in PDF or MIDI

How to use this tuner: Click on the note for the string you want to tune and then turn the tuning pegs on your ukulele to match under the sea ukulele chords up with the note that is being played.

Ukulele The tone and volume of the instrument varies with size and construction. Ukuleles commonly come in four sizes: History[edit] Hawaii[edit] The Ukulele is commonly associated with music from Hawaii where the name roughly translates as "jumping flea,"[4] perhaps because of the movement of the player's fingers.