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Die kalte Sonne, Fritz Vahrenholt, Chemist, Sebastian Luening, Paleogeologist: Pre-industrial temperatures have undergone marked natural. Das Buch „Die kalte Sonne“ schürt den Klimastreit. Fritz Vahrenholt, Odenwalds Universum, Sebastian Lüning, Klimalüge, Kalte Sonne, CO2. Fritz Vahrenholt is a German politician (SPD), industrialist and environmentalist. Contents In Vahrenholt together with geologist Sebastian Lüning published Die kalte Sonne: warum die Klimakatastrophe nicht stattfindet (The Cold Sun.


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So beklagte sich die Wildlife Conservation Society am 9.

They demonstrate alarming losses comprising a tenth of global wilderness since vahrenholt kalte sonne s — an area twice the size of Alaska and half the size of the Amazon. The Amazon and Central Africa have been hardest hit.

The findings vahrenholt kalte sonne an immediate need for international policies to recognize the value of wilderness areas and to address the unprecedented threats they face, the researchers say. We probably have one to two decades to turn this around.

They predict the Earth is entering a cooling phase due to periodic solar cyclesand will cool by 0.

Nicht nur die Energiezufuhr durch die Sonnenstrahlung selbst werde abnehmen; gleichzeitig lasse das Magnetfeld der Sonne nach, das die Erde bis zu einem gewissen Grad vahrenholt kalte sonne der kosmischen Strahlung abschirmt.

Seit Mitte des Das haben die Buchautoren aber nicht herausgearbeitet.

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Vahrenholt kalte sonne claims, however, do not stand up to scientific scrutiny. We assess his ideas in the light of the scientific literature on the role of the sun versus other climate forcing factors. The sun, in contrast, has not exhibited any warming trend over the past 50 years.


The sun is thus not responsible for the warming seen during this period. Greenhouse gases in all likelihood are.


First of all, we welcome the active participation of the business community in the discussion on climate change. Global warming and its effects may have consequences which business, e. Furthermore, mitigation policies may affect the competitive advantages and vahrenholt kalte sonne prospects of a variety of energy options.

Investment portfolios vahrenholt kalte sonne take that into account.