Pinterest update: Do you know the latest Pinterest updates?

Pinterest update: I have a post on the site called Pinterest Updates and I here at the months where the latest months when I made and a most recent update to this post.

I will give you a link to this block boast in the description below this video. If you come to watch my video at any time later, and it doesn’t look like I just covered some of the most recent updates than probably, that’s because I cannot upload a new video.

Pinterest Changes Fast — How to Keep Up!

latest pinterest updates 2020

1. Pinterest update: About updates every day or every month, every once in a while, as soon as Pinterest makes in your day.

You click on that link in the description below the video, and you will always find the latest information about Pinterest changes and updates there. I’m recording this video on the last day of August 2019. About publish it a few days later because I always publish on a schedule on Thursdays, my Pinterest tips.

I’m not sure if by the time when I publish the video, this little change that created so much buzz in the Facebook groups for bloggers will be still as it is today.

So the question that a lot of people of me in my group for students of my course and also in various Facebook groups for bloggers is where the hack Pinterest.

monthly viewers’ number has gone because if you click on any profile and most of the profiles.

Okay, I cannot tell for sure that every profile on Pinterest currently doesn’t have this number. But most of the accounts that I’ve seen right now are not showing any Pinterest monthly viewers public.

pinterest update 2019

And why a lot of people were freaking out in the last week is when they go to their business hub, they can see this zero monthly viewers.

Which is even scarier than just not seeing any monthly viewers on your profile page actually Pinterest didn’t make any official statements in regards to this number, at least in the last week.

Maybe it’s going to happen next week, but what I think is going on is that Pinterest is making some serious updates on the platform. And when this happens, it’s not the first time that this number disappears for a while.

So when this happens, Pinterest updates is probably recalculating some of the statistics is maybe updating some of the data, and then just glitches happen. Or maybe they even hide this number on purpose, so it doesn’t create any confusion during these updates.

Anyway, I expect that this number is going to come back soon because Pinterest just started we scroll down in my article, you showing this number publicly not so long ago, about a year ago in the middle of 2018. I will find it .

If we scroll down in my article, you will find among other changes in 2018 one of the new things on Pinterest profiles was the introduction of this Pinterest monthly viewers.

So you can see here, this happened about one year ago. They just wanted to show that the following number is not as important on Pinterest as maybe on some other platforms. And they wanted to emphasize that there was another metric, which is Pinterest monthly viewers.

2. Pinterest update: it actually took them about four or five months to make this monthly viewers number available on all the accounts across the platform.

So I honestly don’t think they are going to keep them in private again. I think this is just a temporary thing, and Pinterest is going to fix it and start showing them back. Another thing that was happening since the middle of 2018 and already happens a couple of times in 2019 in massive amounts, it’s spam clean up on the platform.

So the first time Facebook groups for bloggers got flooded with messages of people who were blocked, their domains were blocked on Pinterest. It happened in May 2019 and then again, the same thing happened in August 2019.

I cannot tell exactly what Pinterest is doing during these cleanups, but what happens is that across the platform, multiple accounts are being not even suspended. They’re being blocked.

So what people are seeing when they click on those pins, they’re seeing this message Blocked link, and then people can’t even go to the website. I believe that when your domain is blocked, the situation is more complicated, especially if you’re making money with ads from your website. Because all your pins stop bringing you traffic at the same time immediately.

And this affects the ranking off your pins, and in the future, if Pinterest wants to evaluate whether your account is really spammy You need to work really hard uploading fresh pins for your old posts that lost all their positions and virality, too try and recover your traffic.


But at the same time, when your account is just suspended, then it means that you cannot upload new pins. But all your old pins are still on the platforms, still ranking still being shared and still driving your traffic. So when you’re getting suspended on Pinterest, you don’t have this deep dive in traffic and Pinterest views.

When your site has blocked on Pinterest, you really will have zero for all the times you’ve viewed, zero clicks for all the time while you’ve been blocked. By the way, I made another detailed video about the actions you need to take If your account has been suspended or your domain was blocked on Pinterest and I will give you a link above my head.

You can also find the link in the description below this video. I give you all the links there. And another huge shift which is happening on Pinterest in 2019 is that the platform is inviting as many videos as they can.

Before, videos were only available for Pinterest advertisers, and now everyone can upload organic videos and start ranking with them in Pinterest Search results. You can see on mobile devices that the top search results are actually even given a block of video pins. You need to look above my head to find the info icon.

And I will give you a link there to that detailed video, which shows you how to create video pins, how to upload them and promote them on Pinterest. And, as usual, if you cannot see the Info icon above my head, then you can always go in the description below this video and find all the links there.

3. Pinterest update: In general 2019 is a year when Pinterest is experimenting and introducing new types of pins on the platform.

So it’s not only video pins, even though I have to mention that video pins right now are getting the biggest priority compared to all the other new types of pins, and now video pins are available to everyone in every account. There is also another type of pins that is also available to everyone. It’s Carousel pins, but I have to mention that I don’t think Pinterest is really pushing Carousel pins that hard on the platform compared to video pins.

A Carousel pin is a little bit more difficult to create compared to a regular pin because it’s not just one image. It’s several images – up to five images connected together as a slider and every much can have its own title and description. But I’ve tested several times Carousel pins. They were not easy to create, and I didn’t see any higher performance on Carousel pins compared to my regular pins. So I stopped creating those. But I actually do create more video pins recently. Another new type of pins that interested in introducing this year’s Story pins. They’re not yet available on all the accounts.

show you any tutorial or give you any initial results of my testing. But it’s possible to create Story pins for some accounts, but it’s clear that a lot of formats that are tested and implemented on other platforms, Pinterest is trying to bring them to their platform as well, and see how it works for the audience. Another big change in Pinterest in 2019.

It’s actually pretty recent happened about the middle of summer this year that Pinterest rolled out their new analytics on all accounts. And now you cannot go back to your old interest native analytics, and you can only see the new analytics and new Pinterest analytics look pretty neat. The interface is very clean.  

And you can analyze things better over here. The only thing that I didn’t really like is that Pinterest removed from their analytics compared to the old analytics, they removed the data about the performance of your boards. Now another huge major shift in the Pinterest platform that happened between the middle of 2018 and now where we’re in the middle of 2019. So it’s in the last year. Pinterest really appreciates and rewards the accounts that are able to create a lot of fresh content. It means original pain’s new images.

you are creating those new images for your old blog posts, Pinterest rewards this and considers them original content. So why I think it’s important to talk about.

it is because, in regards to this new, fresh original content, all this topic is also related to duplicate content topics on Pinterest.

By duplicate pins, Pinterest means a unique combination of a Pinterest pin and a URL on your site. But when you create a new image for the same, you’re all it’s still a fresh, unique piece of content. So Pinterest doesn’t board more than once in three months.

8 Best Survival Tips For The Latest New Pinterest Update 2019

How do we know it is? Because when Tailwind introduced their SmartLoop feature in 2018 initially, Tailwind allowed you to save the same being to the same board, not more than once a month. And then all of a sudden there was a huge buzz around the topic of duplicate pins.

And later, as soon as Tailwind released SmartLoop feature from Beta and made it available to all their users, they made sure that you cannot say the same thing to the same board more than once in three months and actually Pinterest recommend doing it even less . They’re saying that the only reason you would want to save a duplicate pin is because of you want to show it to your new audiences on Pinterest The new followers that joined your account in the last 4 to 6 months.

That’s the only reason. Another major shift in the way Pinterest marketers they’re working on the platform that happened again in the middle of 2018 and continues until now is that group boards are losing their distribution power. Pinterest made several interviews where they mentioned that group boards They didn’t like that group boards on Pinterest became those huge spammy community communities with thousands of contributors and no spam limits, no pin limits, and not know even specific topics.

4. Usually, when a group board becomes too big when there are too many contributors, the owner of the group board is losing control over it.

Pinterest update: Pinterest said that large group boards with thousands of contributors are usually very spammy and not focused on one specific topic, which should be the title of the board. Pinterest even recommended people who already joined multiple groups boards to start leaving them and only join smaller group boards that are very specific and niched.

So the major change in the strategy on Pinterest is now that you’re not trying to apply to as many groups boards as you can.

You’re very selective You’re finding the group boards that are worth you’re pinning there.

And that will not hurt your account, and then you focus on 80% off your efforts, or maybe even 90% of off your efforts on building the boards on your own account.

Even if your account is very small, sometimes it’s really better to focus on your boards.

And instead of saving multiple pins to hundreds of group boards. that used to be a working strategy in 2016-2017 and even until the middle of 2018 it was working well.

They lost a lot of traffic, and then it took them time to recover that traffic.

That’s why actually, a piece of free advice that you can find on the Internet in multiple blogs or even on YouTube videos can easily be outdated And it’s not even the fault of the person who wrote it or recorded the video because at that time it was an up to date strategy, and to keep it always updated, they would have to work full time.

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Pinterest update: Like I do, because now I’m a Pinterest marketing expert, and I have a course about it, and I always do old updates for my students in the course. when you’re searching for free advice, you have to always filter the information and understand that some of the pins might be already outdated, especially in the world of social media. And when, where everything is changing so quickly, where platforms have to adapt to their algorithms to new realities to new technologies.

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